How do I read my invoice?

Below is a detailed explanation of your invoice. HSA Insurance clients can login to the Client Portal at to:

  •          Make secure online payments, with automatic monthly payment options,
  •          Review current or prior invoices,
  •          Download and print current or prior invoices.

Field Definition
1 Account Number Your six-digit account number with HSA. Please reference this number when contacting customer service or when sending any correspondence to HSA.
2 Account Name The name of the company (for group coverage) or name of the primary subscriber (for individual coverage).
3 Invoice Date The date this invoice was created.
4 Due Date The date your payment must be received by.
5 Previous Balance The total amount due from your previous month’s invoice.
6 Payments The sum of all payments we received since your previous month’s invoice was created.
7 Credits/Adjustment The sum of any corrections to your account since your last invoice, due to cancellation of coverage after your last statement, the addition or removal of dependents to or from your account, changing plans after the last invoice, etc.
8 Past Due The Previous Balance less any Payments and Credits/Adjustments. This amount is past due and should be paid immediately to avoid cancellation.
9 New Items/Charges Any premiums for your insurance plan, fees or dues added to or subtracted from your account since the previous invoice was issued. Previous Balance, minus Payments and Credits/Adjustments, plus New Charges equals the Total Amount Due.
10 Total Amount Due The sum of Previous Balance, Payments, New Charges, minus Credits/Adjustments equals the Total Amount Due.
Posting Date The date the coverage, fee or dues were applied to the account.
12 Name Full name of the primary subscriber.
13 Plan Type There are 5 different plan type codes:
  •   EC (Employee & Child)
  •   EK (Employee & Children)
  •   F (Family)
  •   I (Individual)
  •   TP (Two Person)
14 Description The name of the insurance plan, fee or dues, including:
  •   MBA Dues
  •   Wire Fee
  •   Late Fee
  •   Reinstatement Fee
  •   Processing Fee
15 Coverage Month The month that subscriber is being billed for.
16 Amount Amount of each item/charge listed.
17 Total Due The Total Amount Due that must be paid by the Due Date.
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