How do I set up recurring monthly payments?

Set up Recurring Monthly Payments by logging in and choosing to “PAY ONLINE NOW” from your client dashboard.

You can choose to set up recurring monthly payments on either the 15th or 24th of the month.

Please note: Our billing is done 35 days in advance of the coverage month. When funds are pulled it is for the future month of coverage. Example; If you choose to start recurring payments as of August 15th or 24th then on that day we will be pulling funds for the coverage month of September. Another thing to be aware of when choosing recurring payments is the first pull of funds will be for whatever the outstanding balance is on the account. Outstanding balance can include prior unpaid insurance premiums, yearly dues and fees such as late fees or bounced check fees. Once the account balance is paid up to date then future pulls of funds will be for 1 month premium. 

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