How do I prove I'm a New Hampshire resident?

For individuals, couples and families who are applying for health insurance in New Hampshire, the rules vary on requirements for proof of residency in New Hampshire, depending on whether it is currently Open Enrollment (OE) or outside of Open Enrollment.

If Open Enrollment IS currently in effect:

  • The address of your home/apartment is treated as proof of residency, and must be in New Hampshire.

If it IS NOT Open Enrollment:

As during Open Enrollment, your home/apartment address must be in New Hampshire, and two forms of proof must be provided (uploaded) as part of your insurance application.

Chose two options from this list:

  1. New Hampshire (NH) driver's license
  2. New Hampshire-issued professional license
  3. W-2 (from last year)
  4. Annual Social Security Statement (most current)
  5. Property Tax Bill (most current)
  6. Utility Bill (no more than 60 days old)
  7. Voter Registration card (current)
  8. Excise tax bill (current year)
  9. New Hampshire vehicle registration (most current)
  10. Tuition bill (most current) from a New Hampshire college/university for yourself or a dependent
  11. Certificate of Residency from your New Hampshire (MA) city or town
  12. Homeowner's or renter's insurance policy (current year)
  13. Mortgage documents for your New Hampshire-based residence
  14. Rental agreement for your New Hampshire-based residence (current year)

If it is NOT Open Enrollment, in addition to Proof of Residency, you must also have a Qualifying Event that allows you to apply for individual insurance. See related articles for guidance on the Loss of Coverage (LOC) documents that are required for proof of a Qualifying Event and resulting eligibility for a Special Enrollment Period (SEP).

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