1099-HC Form

the 1099-HC form is a crucial document for Massachusetts residents that serves as proof of health insurance coverage. Whether you're a seasoned taxpayer or new to the process, understanding the significance of this form is essential.

What is the 1099-HC Form?

The 1099-HC form is a Massachusetts tax document provided by your health insurance carrier.

It verifies your health insurance coverage for the previous year and is a key component when filing your tax returns.

Who Needs the 1099-HC Form?

Every Massachusetts resident with health insurance will receive a 1099-HC form. It includes important details about the type and duration of your health coverage.

When Can You Expect the Form?

Health insurance carriers are required to mail the 1099-HC forms by January 31. Make sure to keep an eye on your mailbox during this period.

Accessing Your 1099-HC Form:

For added convenience, you can download an electronic copy of your 1099-HC by signing into your health insurance carrier’s online member account. If you have any questions, you can contact carrier's member services using the number on the back of your medical ID card.

Key Filing Dates for 2023:

For your convenience, please find the key filing dates below.

  • January 29: Filing season starts for individual tax returns.
  • April 15: Due date for filing tax returns or requesting an extension for most of the nation.
  • April 17: Filing due date for Maine and Massachusetts residents.
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