Special Enrollment Period Related to the End of the Public Health Emergency

On April 10th, the MA DOI issued Bulletin 2023-09 - Special Open Enrollment Related to the End of Federal Medicaid Maintenance of Effort Protections and the Federal Public Health Emergency. The Bulletin requires the following:

• For individuals experiencing a loss of COBRA coverage, including loss due to voluntary termination or termination for non-payment, Carriers shall permit individuals up to 60 days prior to and after the date of their loss of COBRA to request a SEP.

• For individuals, when seeking comprehensive health insurance coverage, who were misled into purchasing a product other than comprehensive health insurance coverage, Carriers shall consider this to be an event triggering special enrollment rights. This triggering event will apply to any individual enrolled in such non-comprehensive product during 2023, up through November 23, 2023.

• Carriers are to extend all special enrollment periods granted as the result of any valid triggering event to November 23, 2023 for coverage becoming effective in 2023.

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