HSA Insurance Individual Shopping & Enrollment Process for ICHRA Employees

Here you will find two helpful video tutorials, followed by written step-by-step instructions on how to shop for and enroll in Massachusetts health insurance coverage through HSA Insurance. 

Shopping and selecting a plan:

Completing the online application and enrolling in coverage:

Step 1: Start with generating a quote through your company's unique ICHRA enroll link.

Your company or your company's broker will provide you with a unique link to HSA Insurance to shop for your individual coverage under ICHRA. You must use this link to shop for and enroll in individual health coverage. This will ensure your individual application is tied to your company account for eligibility and billing purposes.

The link will redirect you to your company's unique shopping platform with HSA Insurance where you can shop for individual insurance in MA.

Select the option “SHOP NOW.” You will receive a question whether you are eligible to purchase individual coverage outside of the annual open enrollment period. Open enrollment runs from November 1 through December 23 for January 1, and through January 23 for February or March coverage. Supporting documentation is not needed during the annual open enrollment period but will be required when enrolling outside of the annual enrollment period. Being an employee of an ICHRA employer is a qualifying event to enroll outside of the annual open enrollment period and a copy of your employer notice stating ICHRA is offered to you, will suffice as supporting documentation.

Once you select “I am eligible for health insurance,” you will be able to generate a quote showing your individual plan options based on your demographic information. 

Step 2: Enter Demographic Info

Enter your demographic information on this page. First select the effective date you qualify to enroll for. As an ICHRA employee you have 60 days to purchase coverage from your qualifying event date. You can purchase individual coverage during this special enrollment period for the next available effective date. Retroactive effective dates are not permitted. It is important to understand that enrollment deadlines are 5 days before the requested coverage start date.

Next complete the demographic fields with your personal information. The available plan options and rates will be determined based on your entered information.

  • Enter the zip code of your physical home address.
  • Enter your date of birth.
  • Enter your own, personal email address. You should not enter your work email address in case you leave your company and would like to continue your current coverage.
  • Your first and last name are not required at this moment but will be needed when you move forward with your application.
  • Individual medical coverage only qualifies under ICHRA. If you are interested in purchasing dental or other ancillary coverage, please reach out to us at ichra@hsainsurance.com.

If you have dependents that should be covered under your plan, select “Add dependents” to enter their information. 

When entering dependents, make sure you save their information to be included in the quote.

Once you have entered all required information, select “Shop Plans” to see all available plan options. 

Step 3: Selecting Your Health Insurance Plan

Your available health plan options are sorted by lowest monthly premium to highest monthly premium. You can change the sort by option or select one of the filters on the left-hand side of the page to further narrow your search. 

Plan Information:
Basic plan information will be presented next to each health plan name. To view more detailed information, select the “plan details” button. 

You can retrieve the “Summary of Benefits & Coverage” for each plan by selecting the link next to “Statement of Benefits.” The Summary of Benefits & Coverage provides you a detailed summary of how you and the plan would share the cost for covered health care services. The Rx drug prescription formulary is also available if you are looking to verify if a specific drug would be covered under the plan. 

Provider Search Tool:
One of the most important steps in finding the right plan for your needs is to verify if your provider would be in-network for each offered plan. Our unique doctor search tool allows you to check at one time which plans have one or more of your doctors, such as PCP, specialist, pediatrician, in-network. Simply search and save as many doctors as you would like. To add a provider, select “ADD/UPDATE” under “Search by Doctor.” Then enter your provider’s name and select the correct provider office. Once you have added all providers, verify which are accepted in network for each offered plan option by looking at “Doctor Count.” Providers that are in the plan’s network, will be shown under “Doctor Count.” 

Additional Filters and Plan Comparison:
You can filter your plan options further by monthly premium range, metal level, insurance carrier, or type of plan. Each plan is tagged to indicate what metal level the plan falls under, whether pediatric dental is included, whether the plan is compatible with a health savings account, and whether the plan has a limited provider network. If you are looking for more information, hoover over the plan tag you would like more information on.

Once you have narrowed down your options, you can compare your remaining options by using the “Plan Comparison” feature. The plan comparison feature allows you to compare up to 4 plans side-by-side in a user-friendly comparison chart, to make the best decision possible. Select “Compare” for each of the plans you want to include. Then select “Compare Plans” to view the side-by-side comparison.

You can email or print a copy of this comparison for yourself or to send to a family member for their viewing.

Once you have found the best health plan for you, click on “Select Plan” to continue with the application process. If you are not yet ready to enroll, you can return later. Keep in mind that you will have to return using the unique shopping link. You will need to enter your personal information again to regenerate the quote. If you are ready to move forward with your application, verify your information and the selected plan on the “Final Proposal” page before continuing with your enrollment. 

Step 4: Create Member Login Credentials

To continue with your application, you will be asked to create a member account login with HSA Insurance. Verify your email address and create a log in username and password. A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you entered. Open the email and confirm your email address. 

Step 5: Start Your Individual Online Enrollment

Select “Enroll Now” to continue with your application. 

Subscriber Page:
Enter your missing demographic information in the blank fields that populate. You must provide us with your full physical address and confirm if the mailing address should be the same. Your physical address must be verified and accepted to continue. Make sure to enter your personal email address, phone number and cell phone number. You must enter your email and at least one phone number.

You will need to appoint a Primary Care Physician to your enrollment as all HMO plans require you to assign a PCP in-network. You would need to assign a provider for yourself and your dependents regardless of if you added that provider to your health plan search earlier. If you do not have a PCP, select “Choose a PCP for me”.  Your carrier will then assign a PCP to you. . You can change your assigned PCP with the carrier at any time.

Your ICHRA employer code will be pre-filled if you enrolled using the unique shopping link for your company. In this case, you are unable to edit this field. If you have any questions or this field is blank, please contact us, your HRA administrator or company’s HR Department.

Required documentation will be needed to enroll outside of the annual open enrollment period which runs from November 1 through January 23 for the upcoming year. If required documentation is needed, verify if the eligibility reason is pre-filled with “Employee of ICHRA plan” and upload your “ICHRA Employer Notice” as supporting documentation. 

Dependents information:
Select “Continue” to complete missing information for any dependents that are enrolling.

If you do not have any dependents, simply select “Continue”. 

Payment Options:
You will now be directed to the last step in the application process, selecting your payment option. To approve your enrollment application, we will need your initial binder payment. Payment options will vary depending on your company’s ICHRA setup.

If payment is not needed, a message will pop up saying “Your employer will pay your premium payment.” If payment is needed from you, you will have the option to either pay by check or through ACH. The recommended pay option is to pay using ACH and scheduling in recurring payment drafts. Recurring payments can be setup for the 15 th or 24th of every month. Premium payments are due in full by the 25th of each month for the upcoming coverage month. The binder payment will be drafted immediately once your application is approved.

Your employer or HRA Administrator will provide you with guidance on what the selected pay method should be. 

Final Review:
If there is missing or incorrect information, the final review page will display this information in red. You can edit any sections that need to be updated. 

If the application is complete, agree to the presented “Terms & Conditions” at the bottom of the page and submit your application. You will be presented with an application ID. Please reference to this application ID when calling HSA Insurance with questions. If additional information is needed, an Eligibility Representative will follow-up with you for clarification. Once your application is approved, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address that was provided. 

HSA Insurance Contact Information:

Have questions or need support with finding the right plan for your needs? Do not hesitate to contact us:

  • By phone: 781-228-2222, select ICHRA option #4 from the main menu.
  • By email: ichra@hsainsurance.com.
  • By Chat: HSAinsurance.com, select CHAT. 

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